The wheely tough choice.

4 Sep

Choosing a pram can be the toughest decision of them all. You could end up going round in circles literally. It’s almost like choosing a new car! You’ll use it practically everyday, everywhere in every way so you want to get the right one for you and your bebe plus look stylish at the same time. Yeah yeah you know it.

So weigh a few things up..

  • What activities will you mainly be doing (apart from the sleep dance)?
  • How much are you willing to spend? (and get it right the first time to avoid buying multiple prams!
  • Is it suitable for both parentals?
  • What extras come with it?
  • How long do you want it to last you?

We wanted an outdoorsy pram of course with the “intention” of jogging off the extra kilos gained during pregnancy. It needed to be sturdy yet stylish and perhaps practical if possible at the same time. I was willing to shop around to get the best price without sacrificing these specific factors.

Here’s what super dooper pram we bought for Baby Budge and why:

Introducing the BUMBLERIDE Indie!

  • STYLISH like the Bugaboo but without the price tag
  • DURABLE & 3 wheeler like the Baby Jogger but noone has one!
  • OVERSIZED SPF sun canopy to totally block out those rays
  • RECLINING backrest- upright to flat for sleeping
  • ADJUSTABLE footrest for my fast growing giraffe baby
  • COMPACT fold to shove in the boot with the rest of your shopping
  • ADJUSTABLE handle height for giraffe parents
  • SUSPENSION & 12 inch tyres suitable for multi terrain

But>>>>> The BIGGEST point of all is its PRICE! I found this beauty while checking out the ‘Baby Jogger’ online. The Baby Jogger is quite similar in features, is available in Australia BUT sells in America for literally HALF the price! So after discovering these significant savings I checked out other overseas brands/companies who ship internationally and the Bumbleride Indy emerged!

Bumbleride will be coming to Australia.. pop by their facebook page for raves, I’ve already converted two of my mates who absolutely love it too 🙂 +

Check out more product info and optional extras at:

Like, comment or send me questions if you’d like any further info.



Write a list. check.

8 Aug

So at the top of my to do list was     >>write a list<<

And that’s about as far as I got!

Then I began procrastinating by trying to think of a title of ‘the list’. Who titles a list anyway? Apparently me.

Baby Check List. Things to buy. My Baby List. Baby things. Argh just write it already. So I did.

Click here>>> Kel’s Baby checklist

I hope this helps get the ball rolling and it’s in word format so you can change it to suit you (yippeeee!). It seems like a lot to get your head around but don’t panic.. you can chippity chip away at it before and after you pop out your happy little vegemite.

Thanks to the mums who put forward their recommendations!

Stay tuned as I break it down and highlight individual products. Over and out.

Yep. There’s a bun in my oven!

28 Mar

Okay by this stage it’s no secret.. I’m pregnant and starting to POP!

I’ve progressed surprisingly quickly through the awkward stage of looking like I’d just eaten waaaay to much festive food over the holiday break & catching people looking at me up and down clearly thinking “hmm she could be up the duff.. but I won’t ask just incase”.. and now I just feel like a bloated, waddling penguin with a button poking out saying “heyyy rub my bellehhh!”

Up until this moment I have refused to buy anything ‘maternity’ because:

a) I didn’t know where to start

b) I didn’t want to know where to start

c) When I did start looking, everything was so ugly and expensive (a potato sack would have fit perfectly)

d) I was still in denial

So here I am on the last notch on my belt, thinking this isn’t so bad, I have made it thus far having only purchased 2 maternity bras and SURVIVED! Just. Maybe if I had of obtained a little more knowledge earlier, I may have been a little less reluctant to buy more comfortable clothing and be less concerned about the ‘fear of the unknown’.

That brings me to the very reason why I’m starting this blog..

To list my top picks to help make your baby product selection perhaps a tad easier.  To share some hot tips that helped get me through and to uncover any super mum secrets that everyone should know about.

One thing I have learnt is that every body & baby is different. What works for me, may not work for you, so whatever does… roll with it! ‘Cos whichever way,  we’re all in for a roller coaster ride!!!!

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